On December 27, 2016 a traditional Christmas Tree event for Russian-speaking children living in the UAE hosted by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the UAE and the Community of Russian Women “Rossiyanka” took place at Al Raha Beach Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

The event was attended by over 500 guests. As has become a tradition, surprises were waiting for the guests starting from hotel lobby. Little guests received sweets from Katrina Bakery, as well as gifts from Alokozay Company and Orient Consulting & Translation. In addition, Russian Emirates Publishing & Advertising Company presented its new magazine – Russian Emirates Family and Kids.

A beautiful show based on a Nutcracker fairy tale was arranged by event company Dance Design Entertainment managed by Elena Borisova.

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in the UAE extends a special thanks to everyone who has assisted in creating a wonderful festive mood: Community of Russian Women “Rossiyanka” – T.Al Aroud and A.Astanina, Mrs. Svetlana Sabbah, T.Guseva, Manager of Al Raha Beach Hotel A.Tyukanova, companies – Lukoil, Al Aroud Group and AlRosa.




Morning tea in anticipation of the 8th of March

On March 6 in anticipation of a wonderful spring holiday,  Rossiyanka women gathered for the traditional morning tea not just to have a warm friendly talk, but to attend the master class held by a member of Rossiyanka community, a professional designer Anastasia Ermakova, and learn how to make a spectacular beach outfit. After all, what could be better than a stylish gift for the upcoming holiday created with your own hands, moreover if this a new outfit for the beginning of the beach season in sunny Dubai.

Rossiyanka women started the work with great enthusiasm, professionally cutting out the details of a bright cloth, then treating the edges with French seam.

Of course, once the tailoring process has been completed and the light flowing dresses were ready to wear our women staged an improvised fashion show.

On behalf of all the women who attended the morning meeting, we express our appreciation and gratitude to Anastasia Ermakova for the fascinating master class.


Beautiful morning with Kaya Skin Clinic

On February 22 in anticipation of the coming the most beautiful and the most feminine spring holiday – 8th March, “Russian Emirates” magazine decided to find answer to the eternal question – what is the true women’s beauty, and invited members of the Community of Russian Women in UAE  “Rossiyanka” and the Overseas Russian Speaking Ladies Club to morning tea.

Women gathered in one of the most picturesque places in Dubai – Downtown Dubai, opposite the Burj Khalifa, in a tea boutique Fortnum & Mason. The partner of the event was the largest in the Middle East network – Kaya Skin Clinic. Specialists from the clinic made presentation on innovative methods of preserving youth and beauty, showcased the instant tightening effect of facial skin using the E Matrix device. After the informative part over a cup of flavorous tea women discussed the most anticipated cultural March events in Dubai.

On behalf of all the women who attended the morning meeting, we would like to thank “Russian Emirates” magazine for their invitation and for the wonderful gifts!


Old New Year with Rossiyanka’s Women

Members of the Community of Russian Women gathered in a friendly home of Tatiana and Saleh Al Aroud to celebrate the Old New Year in a circle of friends and compatriots. Numerous guests were welcomed by the hosts of the evening.

Despite a rainy January day, the evening was warm and home-like cozy. Musicians were performing famous New Year tunes and everyone could show their vocal skills in an impromptu karaoke, as well as to compete in dancing under incendiary hits performed live by our musicians.

At the end of the evening all the guests received surprises from our friends – Adore Boutique.


Victory Day

Dear compatriots, on this day the whole world remembers with gratitude the bravery of our soldiers-liberators!
Let the courage and heroism of this great holiday will never be forgotten by anyone! Let the spirit of victory inspires the heart and leads forward – to new achievements and success! And let the whole world always live in peace and the word “war” be remembered  only on this great holiday!Happy Victory Day!

Meeting with numerologist

A special place among the mysteries is held by the mystery of numbers, their origin and influence on people. We are surrounded by numbers on every step of our lives, they accompany us from the day of birth to the last day. We can’t imagine living without numbers. What role do they play in our destiny?

To reveal the secrets of numbers, to learn analyzing and understanding their meaning, we have invited a member of Rossiyanka community, psychologist-numerologist – Irina Marusyak.

During three workshops Rossiyanka women learned about a method of a mathematician and psychologyst A.Aleksandrov, learned what means a Pythagoras Square and how to create a phychomatrix and a personal Wheel of Fortune.

Seminars were held in a fun interactive way, Irina gave interesting examples from life. It turned out, even a person’s name in its different variations also has certain information and changing the last name may have an impact on a destiny of a person.

On behalf of all women who attended workshops on numerology, we would like to express our appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity of self-development and learning new things given by Irina Marusyak.


International Day

A traditional International Day was held at Raffles International School on February 26. It is a wonderful holiday that gives students representing different countries a chance to learn more about each other traditions. The evening began with a colorful parade – a demonstration of national costumes.

Representatives of participating countries

prepared for the event very thoroughly. After the parade, all guests were able to taste the most famous dishes of national cuisines cooked by parents

of schoolchildren, as well as to learn cultural specialties of different countries.  For example, getting the henna painting at Pakistani stand, or enjoying the ice-cream treat show at Turkish stand. National melodies could be heard playing at the stadium and you could see children in Venezuelan national costumes dancing to the sound of

an Indian drum.

Russian stand was displaying richness and generosity of our country not only by many traditional household items – a samovar, Russian dolls, “khokhloma”… Our hospitable hostesses-Russian moms and members of “Rossiyanka” cooked popular Russian food – “pelmeni”, fresh homemade bakery and, of course, pancakes with various fillings. All guests of our stand were met by real Russian beauties in colorful national dresses and “kokoshnik”.

Performances prepared by the representatives of different countries took place on stage in evening. It was very touching to watch children representing their countries by means of songs and dances to display cultural heritage of their homelands so proudly

– and the small artist were rewarded with generous applause.


“House warming” in Rossiyanka

The first morning meeting of Rossiyanka women in the new year took place at our new office in Business Bay.

Over a cup of tea women were talking about the magic of numbers. A member of Rossiyanka community, psychologist-numerologist – Irina Marusyak told about the science of

numerology, the existence

of different methods of interpretation of numbers, gave examples from life.

Women got very interested in psychoanalysis of a personality, connection of relationships in a family, parenting and guiding children in selection of their future profession. It was therefore agreed to hold workshops on numerology for all interested Russian women in the coming two weeks.


Embassy Christmas Tree

On December 28, 2014 a traditional Christmas Tree event hosted by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the UAE and the Community of Russian Women “Rossiyanka” took place at Al Raha Beach Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

About 500 guests from different emirates attended the event. From the very beginning

of the New Year holiday, adults and children plunged into the atmosphere of hospitality and fun. The guests enjoyed the New Year theatrical performance by the Puppet Theatre “Arlekin” Everyone was dancing and took part in games. Snowman and Funny man, Bunny and Bear, and, of course, Santa and Snow Maiden visited children. Santa Claus did not forget about the sweet gifts and prizes. A festive buffet was waiting for the guests at the end of the evening.

In general, the event was bright and full of kindness.

The Embassy of the Russian Federation in the UAE extends a special thanks to everyone who has assisted in creating a wonderful festive mood: Puppet Theatre “Arlekin” and personally the Director of the theater A. Mahkamova, the Vice-President of the Community of

Russian Women “Rossiyanka” A.Astanina, the Manager of Al Raha Beach Hotel A. Tyukanova, Mrs. Svetlana Sabbah and Mrs. Svetlana Nur.



New Year with Rossiyanka’s women

Members of the Community of Russian Women gathered in a friendly homely environment to celebrate the coming 2015. Numerous guests were welcomed by the hosts of the evening Mrs. Tatiana and Mr. Saleh Al Aroud.

Despite the coolness of the December weather the atmosphere of the gathering was very warm. Musicians were performing well-known Christmas songs and everyone had a chance to show their singing talents in karaoke and compete in dancing skills to the joyful sounds of the famous hits.

At the end of the evening all guests received small surprises – sweet chocolate gifts.



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