1st Open International Competition for Young Musicians “Allegro”

Good intentions and noble aims have come together to reveal talented musicians  and give a chance to amateurs of classical music to enjoy their performances. By giving our children love, support and an opportunity to demonstrate their talents we help them to grow into successful professionals in any field…

The Community of Russian Women is proud to be associated with an initiative that supports promising young musicians and provides them an avenue to present their mastery of music to a wider audience.

The Community of Russian Women “Rossiyanka” in collaboration with Russian Music Centre and Cultural Event of American University of Sharjah organized 1st Open International Competition for Young Musicians “Allegro” that was held over five days, from March 29th to April 2nd, 2013 at the American University of Sharjah.

1st Open International Competition for Young Musicians “Allegro”  was primarily dedicated to discovering new talents in the world of classical music, supporting young musicians of all nationalities from schools and music institutions.

As classical music is an integral and highly meaningful aspect of culture, the competition also aimed to promote classical music in the UAE and other Arab countries, to exchange and develop classical music performance experience by bridging cultures through music, to encourage, enrich and expand understanding of classical music for everyone as well as to expose extraordinary local and international talents to the community.

 79 young talented musicians from around the region participated in the competition representing different nationalities from 25 countries, including Emiratis.  The competition offered three categories, giving young musicians a chance to present flute, piano or violin solos. All competitors were under eighteen, the youngest participant was of 6 and the oldest was of 16 years old, all residing in the UAE. Each of the participants performed 2 musical compositions of Arab, Russian and Eastern-European composers. A professional jury of highly reputed musicians from Russia, Kazakhstan, USA, SYRIA, Belorussia and the United Kingdom judged the competition. The organizers invited a special guest and honorary member of the jury – Aleksandr Chernov, a pianist, a participant and laureate of many international music competitions and festivals.

 More than 500 guests attended the event on the opening and closing days of the competition including high ranking guests, Their Excellencies Ambassadors and Consuls General as well as other prominent people of the community. During the opening ceremony on March 29, 2013, the President of the Community for Russian Women “Rossiyanka” addressed the public with the opening speech:  “Allegro is an initiative that will exchange and develop classical music ideas and experiences while bridging cultures through music. It is a competition that will bring to light as yet undiscovered musical talent in the UAE, and will encourage and expand the understanding of classical music by everyone”, she also added “We are very proud to be a part of this noble competition and hope that Allegro will serve as a good platform for young musicians on their way of establishing themselves in the world of classical music.” The opening ceremony ended with the expressive piano performance by Aleksandr Chernov.

The results of the competition were announced at the closing ceremony on April 2, 2013.  The Grand Prize  of the 1st Open International Competition for Young Musicians “Allegro” took Mohannad Jissri, an 11 years old Syrian child, for playing the Violin. The winners of Piano categories : Tia Hannawi, 10 years old from Syria, Ruslan Khamidullin, 13 years old from Russia, Tarek Belhadad, 13 years old from Syria, Nadya Fraidoon, 15 years old from Bahrain.  The winners of the Violin category:  Ramez Dinawi, 7 years old from Russia, Constance Strasser, 11 years old from the UK, Livia Strasser, 14 years old, UK.  Mateo Villa, 11 years from Italy won the Flute category. All participants were awarded with Certificates of Participation and the winners with the Laureates of the Competition diplomas as well as presented with memorable gifts and offered a chance to perform at the final music concert that concluded the competition. The closing ceremony ended with the beautiful and expressive musical performance by the young winners of the 1st Open International Competition for Young Musicians “Allegro”

Being a creative contest “Allegro” brought together those who highly appreciate classical art and finds joy in apprehending world’s best pieces of music. It’s a great event in the development of the UAE musical culture. We are as organizers, truly believe that this competition had a positive impact on the popularization of the classical music amongst young people from all over the region as well as will become an important and well-known cultural event.

Encouraged by the success of the International Festival of Young Artist Groups “DREAM” organized by “Rossiyanka” and Russian Music centre in 2011, the Community for Russian Women “Rossiyanka” for  the second time has become the organizer and sponsor of a musical event aimed at support of talented children. The competition was in its 1st year and is planned to be held every 2 years to serve as an important platform for young musicians and give them a valuable performance experience.

 It should be said that this competition, a celebration of art, could only be organized and implemented by the people who truly love their work,  love music and children, so our special thanks  should go to the teachers  of Russian Music Center, who prepared the children to participate in the competition.

On behalf of the organizers, we heartily congratulate the winners and participants of the contest «Allegro», and also hope that this competition will stay as a memorable experience in the biography of each contestant and will further help them in the development of their musical career.

       A great amount of work has been done in order for the competition to become a reality. On behalf of the Community for Russian Women “Rossiyanka”, we would like to thank American University of Sharjah and Russian Music Centre for their invaluable contribution to the success of the 1st Open International Competition for Young Musicians “Allegro”.


Sponsors of the 1st Open International Competition of Young Musicians “Allegro”:

Russian Music Centre

Community of Russian women “Rossiyanka”

American University in Sharjah

Al Aroud Group of Companies

Herbal Home Boutique

International Money Transfers «Leader»



La Postreria

Jupiter Airlines


April 02, 2013