Morning tea in anticipation of the 8th of March

On March 6 in anticipation of a wonderful spring holiday,  Rossiyanka women gathered for the traditional morning tea not just to have a warm friendly talk, but to attend the master class held by a member of Rossiyanka community, a professional designer Anastasia Ermakova, and learn how to make a spectacular beach outfit. After all, what could be better than a stylish gift for the upcoming holiday created with your own hands, moreover if this a new outfit for the beginning of the beach season in sunny Dubai.

Rossiyanka women started the work with great enthusiasm, professionally cutting out the details of a bright cloth, then treating the edges with French seam.

Of course, once the tailoring process has been completed and the light flowing dresses were ready to wear our women staged an improvised fashion show.

On behalf of all the women who attended the morning meeting, we express our appreciation and gratitude to Anastasia Ermakova for the fascinating master class.