The activities of “Rossiyanka” are based on voluntary willingness of members of this Community to participate and contribute to the social and cultural development of the family.
The main objective of the ”Rossiyanka” Community is to create better conditions for children’s education and protection. In this regard, the Community is planning to incorporate in its activities the organization of important events aimed at promoting children’s creativity and safety.
The “Rossiyanka” Community will organize events aimed at spreading and promoting Emirati culture as for example:

  • a course of lectures “The significance of women in the development of the family, education of future generations and society as a whole” in November 2011,
  • the report “The Role of Women in Islam and Islamic culture” in January 2012,
  • a course of lectures on the history of the UAE,
  • a course of lectures on the Russian history
  • a course of lectures devoted to mutual enrichment of the Russian and Arab cultures (works of great Russian poets and writers of the 19th century will be taken as an example)
  • visits to museums of the UAE during the whole period of activity, preparing reference materials about traditions and laws of the UAE for women visiting the country for the first time, providing them assistance in adaptation

In October 2011 we are also planning to organize the Arabic language courses in order to get more acquainted with the culture and traditions of the UAE and other Arab countries. These courses will work on a permanent basis and will be open to all who want to learn the language of the country they are living in.
The activities of “Rossiyanka” will also be aimed at promoting the Russian language and culture. These activities will be intended not only for Russian-speaking women living in the UAE, but also for all those who want to learn more about the Russian culture, lifestyle, customs and traditions of Russia and CIS countries.
In December 2011, we are planning to organize an event called “Boldin Fall”, devoted to works of Alexander Pushkin, one of the most famous Russian poets (it was Pushkin who wrote the famous poem “Imitations of the Quran”).
In September 2012 we will hold a festival of Russian books and literature and evenings of Arabic and Russian poetry.
During the whole period of our activities we will organize exhibitions of Russian artists and sculptors. We are planning to organize the Russian language courses and to open Russian public libraries.

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