First morning tea in new season 2013-2014. Alternative Methods for Facial Rejuvenation – Face fitness and Face-healing

 On September 19, Rossiyanka’s women came together for the first morning meeting in new 2013-2014 season. And again, at our regular morning meeting we speak about women and for women….. This time the topic of interest was – Alternative Methods for Facial Rejuvenation – Face fitness and Face-healing. To know more about facial rejuvenation procedure and to learn how to improve skin texture and keep facial muscles in a good shape, we invited to our morning tea Olena Rossoshynska – recreation therapist, osteopathologist, inventor of face-healing recreation therapy, creator and anchorwoman of her own TV show “Face-fitness” on  “ЖивиТВ” channel, author of numerous articles in russian and ukraine magazines and Marina Kuchkina – astrologer, expert in Reiki oriental medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, specialist on alternative skin rejuvenation treatments.  It may seem easy to stay beautiful with so many different beauty tools, products and treatments available in the market nowadays.  Beauty industry is growing phenomenally, but still a variety of cosmetic products, methods and formulations of the skin correction and rejuvenation does not guarantee a perfect result. Why? Is there really a way to stop the time and slow down the process of aging?

“There is. The alternative to beauty products and plastic surgery is facial fitness – a safe, cheap and effective way to slow the ageing of the face and return the youth look to your skin. All that you need is to allocate a few minutes to yourself daily!”, – said Alena. “Everybody knows that through exercising in a gym you can firm up the body and skin. Naturally, the same is true about the muscles in the face and neck.  Your facial muscles need exercise just as much as the rest of your body. Forgetting your facial muscles can lead to frown lines, drooping jaws and eye bags – far more noticeable than flabby thighs. With the help of facial exercises we learn how to strengthen and relax individual muscles , and how to use each of them ( stretch and relax ) separately.

“Performing facial exercises results in the combination of building muscle fiber, pumping more fluid into the subcutaneous layer of skin and allowing the skin to firm up around the contracted muscles. You not only improve the texture of the skin, you also rebuild the entire skin structure that results in a healthier, firmer, fuller and more contoured face and neck with less prominent lines. You can get rid of wrinkles after they develop or keep them from ever developing if you start doing facial exercises at a younger age. In fact, it’s never too early or too late to start exercising the neck and facial muscles! You actually look years younger than you are.” – says Alena.

Facial exercises not only rejuvenate the skin by allowing healthier and healthier cells to replicate, they actually allow the production of more collagen and elastin fibers, as well. Exercising the face rejuvenates the structure and integrity of the face, neck and skin by building more muscle fiber and improving muscle tone. They help to bring more oxygen to the cells which in turn helps to alleviate and prevent oxidative injury, as happens with too much UV exposure. Face exercises can relieve stress in the face while giving one a more natural, youthful look. The result is not only younger looking skin, but a lifted contoured face as well. Alena believes that you should see a real difference in less than a month. If you are doing the exercises every day for about 10 minutes, your face will become stronger in four weeks. It’s a complete facial skin care treatment!  And it’s all natural!

Alena Rossoshinska is also a creator of face-healing treatment – a method of osteopathic technique of face modeling.

The face-healing esthetic treatment is a fundamentally new method and it differs significantly from traditional cosmetic massages and other hand manipulation techniques. The method is based on innovative principles of osteopathic techniques resulting in an effective cosmetic change . Face-healing treatment enhance the beauty of your skin giving it a healthy, natural look, improves blood circulation and keeps mimic muscle‘s responsiveness. Also it helps you to remove from your face mask-like facial expression. As a result your face looks fresh and relaxed. Face-healing procedure is completely safe. The  result of face-healing treatment is impressive and can be seen after 1 procedure. The effect after even a single procedure lasts from 1 to 3 months. Alena always offers to her patients to take picture “before” and  “after” the treatment.

Besides being a beauty therapist, Alena gives her own workshops and trainings on face fitness programme that include theoretical and practical work: anatomy of muscles and head, characteristics of age-specific changes, emotional suppression, self-massage practices, mimic exercises for the skin and facial muscles. During the training, Alena  demonstrates word for word and step for step how to do each facial exercise, easily and correctly.

Dear Ladies, beauty is more than luck. Remember your face is in your hands and you can greatly enhance the beauty of your face with some work! Keep  continuous care of your face skin and make it look even healthier, brighter and younger with the help of Alternative Methods for Facial Rejuvenation – Face fitness and Face-healing

If you want to experience face-healing treatment to or sign up for face fitness trainings, please contact Alena directly on: 97 152 9137 770 and 97 150 8583 091 or go to:    for more information.  

Lose years in 10 minutes a day!


September 19, 2013