Children’s Christmas Tree in Dubai

Dear friends!
Once again we would like to wish all of you the very Happy New Year and Christmas! New Year’s holidays – time and tales of magic, especially for children. Thanks to the Community of Russian women, “Rossiyanka” on the December 30 children had the possibility not only to see the story, but also to take the direct part in it! The idea to organize the Christmas Tree came from parents whose children attend Russian language courses organized by Community of Russian women, “Rossiyanka”. And the idea came to life thanks to a wonderful person, the teacher of Russian language Kudakova Elena Vladimirovna, who not only wrote the script, came up with costumes and decorated the hall, but also became the leading of that event. Children met the Water Men, Baba Yaga, Koshchei, Shamahan Queen and other heroes of Russian fairy tales, had pretty fun games and had possibility to made New Year’s toys for the Christmas Tree, the cause of dance and to tell Santa Claus fairy tales. At the end of the event the sweet table was waiting children. Thanks again Elena Vladimirovna, and all parents who participated in the organization of New Year Tree, and look forward to new stories and new festivals for the kids!