Costume party “Old New Year” with Rossiyanka’s women

The President of the Community  for Russian Women “Rossiyanka” hosted an amazing masquerade party “Old New Year” for Rossiyanka’s women to welcome 2014! The event took place on January 10, 2014 at the residence of Tatiana Al Aroud. As masquerade party is all about mystery, each invited guest was asked to wear a fancy dress, masquerade costume or a mask.The hosts of the party – Tatiana and  Saleh Al Aroud dressed up in  “Egyptian Pharaoh and his wife “ costumes  greeted arriving guests warmly and personally  making sure that everyone is being well entertained.

The costumes of the party were really creative and intriguing – there were Bonnie and Clyde, Casanova, Indian Raja and his family, Eastern Sultan, charming women of Dry Law time, Snowlake, Christmas Tree, Ilya Muromets, Rosomaha, leader of American Indian tribal, Jar Ptica, Bat, Pirate, King’s Son and many others…

It was a lovely evening with a variety of entertainments, a lot of fun, lively music, dancing and with so many people creatively engaged!

We loved meeting everyone and interacting with the local russian community!


January 10, 2014