A meeting with Numerologist

Dear Ladies,

We continue our series of meetings with Rossiyanka member, numerologist – psychologist Irina Marusyak.

Among the mysteries a special place take the mysteries of numbers, their origin and influence people. We are surrounded with numbers on every step of our life, they accompany us our entire life. We can not imagine living without them. What part do they play in our destiny?

The science of numbers – Numerology – was an secret knowledge of the educated and enlightened people of the ancient states: Egyptian druids, Assyrians, Indian Brahmins. The priests of ancient Memphis said: “the science of numbers and the art of strong will – these are the two keys of magic, they open the doors of the universe.” Pythagoras explaining this mysterious science to his students noted that depending on how a person knows the magical qualities of numbers and how to use them, this person has the power over his own destiny.

We will try to disclose the secrets of numbers, learn to analyze and understand their meaning at our meetings.

On 23 February, 26 February and 2 March at 10:00, 2015, we invite you to the morning tea at office at: Office 2504, One Business Bay Tower

Please confirm your attendance!