House-warming at Rossiyanka

Dear Ladies,

We are pleased to inform that the office of Rossiyanka moved to a new address: Office 2504, One Business Bay Tower

We invite you to celebrate our house-warming with morning tea and talk about the magic of numbers with Rossiyanka member, numerologist – psychologist Irina Marusyak.

Our whole life is centered around numbers. Numbers are all around us – from the date of birth to the number of our house, phone numbers, car plates, dates of memorable events, etc.

We live with numbers and do not think that numbers and their combinations may point to the factors that influence our personality and a way of our life.

Numbers can tell a lot about our character, luck, prosperity, and internal energy at different stages of life, and most importantly, they provide a key to understanding the life opportunities, showing these life opportunities can lead us to. Based on numbers was created a science called Numerology. It is the art of interpretation and practical application of the meaning of separate numbers, as well as their various combinations. It is relatively new science. Using long-forgotten knowledge of Egyptian druids, Chinese sages, Pythagoreans it became possible to recreate, complement and lead to a single logical reunite. Scientists and researchers of our time restored, developed and supplemented the methods of numerological analysis and forecasting, linking them with psychology, philosophy, economics, created a number of methods and approaches to the understanding and development of an individual. “There are no poor people, unhappy families and troubled children – there is a lack of knowledge about themselves and the world around us”

We invite you to the morning tea at our new office on February 5 at 10:00, 2015

Please confirm your attendance!


UAE National Day

Today we are celebrating the most important national holiday for the UAE – the National Day. On this day in 1971 a decree on the establishment of the United Arab Emirates was signed. Happy National Day!


Kalinka Festival in Sharjah

Kalinka Festival in Sharjah

Dear Ladies,

We invite you with your families to visit a beautiful Kalinka Festival at the friendly stage of Al Qasba in Sharjah on November 6-7.

The festival is an encyclopedia of Russian art and the art of people living on the territory of Russia. It will bring together artists of classical ballet, ballroom dance, pop and folk dances, folk orchestra, pop vocal ensembles from the regions of Russia from Moscow to the Urals.

Festival starts at 8 PM on November 6

Gala concert starts at 6:30 PM on November 7


UAE National Identity Awareness Programme

UAE National Identity Awareness Programme

Dear Ladies!

In cooperation with Community Development Authority we would like to invite you to the lecture «Awareness Programme about the UAE National Identity» on October 23, 2014 в 10 AM
Lecture will cover the following:

• creating awareness about the UAE national Identity
• topics such as history, traditions, culture, etc.

The presenter is called Ali bin Soloum, who is widely known for his interactive workshops amongst the expat community.

Looking forward to see you on October 23, 2014 at: Majlis Al Rashidiya

Please confirm your attendance!


Маtreshka Festival at WAFI Mall

Dear Ladies,

We invite you with your families to visit a beautiful Matreshka Festival at WAFI Mall from October 16 to November 19.
The programme includes a lot of cultural, sports and musical events.

Please see the details below.

The exhibition and sale of designer jewelry

The exhibition and sale of designer jewelry

Dear Ladies!

Our lovely women and girls, we would like to invite you to the exhibition and sale of designer jewelry by Ekaterina Komissarova, which will be held in Rossiyanka office at 10 AM on October 1.

Exclusive jewelry and accessories made from natural semi-precious stones, pearls, Venetian glass with a mix of materials, fabrics and vintage jewelry. You can also place an individual order to the author.

It will be a warm friendly gathering, all attendies will be invited to a discussion of holding master classes in needlework:

1. Master class to create your own exclusive flower decorations. You will learn the basics in one lesson.
2. Become a crystalliser in 1 lesson. Learn the specifics of dealing with crystals and create an amazing thing with your own hands (the icon for your car, decoration for your phone, glasses, etc.)
3. Master class to make fancy new jeans out of long-forgotten old.

For more information about the works of Ekaterina Komissarova you can visit:
Looking forward to see you at Rossiyanka office on October 1 at 10:00

Meeting in SameDay

Meeting in SameDay

Dear Ladies,

Welcome to the new season! We hope that your summer vacation was filled with memorable events and gave you a lot of positive emotions!

Opening the new season, we will talk about Women and for Women again…

We would like to invite you to a morning tea at the SameDay dental clinic at 10 AM on September 22, 2014, where we will talk about a healthy and beautiful smile.

“A smile costs nothing but gives much. It enriches those who receive it without impoverishing those who give it. It lasts for a moment, but stays in memory forever. ”

The topic of our meeting – how to maintain health and beauty of your teeth. Specialists of SameDay clinic will tell about the modern technologies of treatment and prosthetics. SameDay is the first and only clinic in the Middle East that offers the ‘‘same day dental implant ’’ service using the unique setting of the dental implant for one day, and provides a full range of dental services.

A special gift to Rossiyanka members:

– Free consultation with specialists at the clinic;
– Free X-Ray;
– Dental Cleaning at 50 % discount (appointment to be booked);
– Whitening at 50 % discount (appointment to be booked)

For more information about the SameDay clinic you can check their website:

We wish you to have a reason for a smile more often and to remain beautiful!

Looking forward to see you at our morning meeting on September 22, 2014 in Dubai Healthcare City, Building 39, Unit 107-108

Please join us for morning Qigong classes and workshops!

Please join us for morning Qigong classes and workshops!

Dear Ladies, as per your requests, Anna Maharani is starting morning Qigong classes and workshops in Rossiyanka’s office.

The Zhong Yuan (the highest levels of Qigong) classes will be held in Rossiyanka’s office on April 20(Sunday), April 21 (Monday), April 22 (Tuesday), April 23  (Wednesday ), April 24 (Thursday) from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

After the completion of classes, the group practical training will be organized 1-2 times  a week (outside if weather permits) upon participants’ confirmation.

During the training you will learn the basic practices that will help you further improve your health and emotional well-being. The practice aims to develop your own energy or Qi.  Working with substance of Qi, and directing it flowing into your body, you will feel the physical changes and energy level increase.

You will enjoy the study of techniques aimed at strengthening and regenerating the spine, exercising self-regulation, body cleansing, proper breathing, restoring body balance and emotional harmony. Qigong exercises are time-tested and based on traditional Chinese medicine.

Zhong Yuan is the highest levels of Qigong (also spelled Chi Kung) – a powerful system of healing, an art and science of using energy, breathing techniques, gentle movement, and meditation to cultivate, activate, and work with your life energy (Qi/Chi). Qigong is one of the oldest healing systems that originated at least 7000 years ago in China.

Please join us for Zhong Yuan (Qigong) learning seminar and workshops by Anna Maharani, Qigong healer and master.

Dress code: Comfortable loose clothing and training shoes.

All interested in attending the morning sessions, please contact Anna Maharani directly for registration: +971 50 435 47 08 or

Beauty Tea at "The CURE"

Beauty Tea at “The CURE”

Dear ladies,

“The CURE” a beauty and wellness lounge invites you once again to a Beauty Tea

on April 16, 2014 at 10:00AM Dubai Media City, BBC World News building no.10

You will be offered free individual consultation with professional cosmetologist, manicure and pedicure sessions, given advice on body and face skin care. Exclusively for Rossiyanka’s women, the CURE gives 30% discount for Nimue and Biologique Recherche cosmetic products!

All these in a warm and relaxed atmosphere in the CURE!

With an extensive treatment list  The CURE including massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing and a range of slimming and specialist therapies, the CURE offers 5 star spa services for much less then  5 star spa prices.



Master-class “Decorate things with Swarovski crystals“

Master-class “Decorate things with Swarovski crystals“

Dear Ladies,  We invite you to our craft master-class “Decorate things with Swarovski crystals“  conducted by Ekaterina Akimova.

 Decorating things with Swarovski crystals is a quite new and very popular design trend. Swarovski crystals can be used to add a bit of sparkle to nearly anything you own. Thanks to the different types of crystals and glue applicators you can buy, you can add them to both soft fabrics and hard plastics and metals. Great for projects such as creating a crystal phone, decorating clothes, leather, hairclip, notebook and many other accessories. With Swarovski crystals, you can turn any gadget into a piece of luxurious jewelry. All it takes is a bit of imagination to decide what to decorate and how to decorate it.   The class will be held on April 13, 2013 at 10:30 in Rossiyanka’s office. During the master class you will learn the basics of handling crystals and creating amazing shining things using only crystals, glue and your hands! Each participant will be given a set of tools required for the first lesson which includes :1. Swarovski crystals ( up. 200pcs)  2.Two-component adhesive

Each participant should bring an item to be decorated with  crystals.
( Please see the below samples.) Dear women, to take the master -class you need to pre-register by phone : +971509299207

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