Join us for table and board games in Rossiyanka’s office!


Dear mothers, fathers and children!

Please come and join us for a session of table and board games on October 4, 2013,  10:00AM to 14:00PM in Rossiyanka’s office! We will play the best traditional and modern table and board games such as UNO, LABIRINTH, CLUEDO, CHECKERS, DOMINOES, BACKGAMMON and others. Table and board games are a great way to bring adults and children together, to get to know new people and just enjoy time playing  fascinating games!

Please note that everyone regardless of the age and the language they speak can join in and play as long as they’d like. We also invite beginners and those who are just starting to play board games – our experienced players will be happy to teach you if you come!

Let’s come together to play games and have fun!

October 4, 2013, 10:00AM to 14:00PM in Rossiyanka’s office