House-warming at Rossiyanka

Dear Ladies,

We are pleased to inform that the office of Rossiyanka moved to a new address: Office 2504, One Business Bay Tower

We invite you to celebrate our house-warming with morning tea and talk about the magic of numbers with Rossiyanka member, numerologist – psychologist Irina Marusyak.

Our whole life is centered around numbers. Numbers are all around us – from the date of birth to the number of our house, phone numbers, car plates, dates of memorable events, etc.

We live with numbers and do not think that numbers and their combinations may point to the factors that influence our personality and a way of our life.

Numbers can tell a lot about our character, luck, prosperity, and internal energy at different stages of life, and most importantly, they provide a key to understanding the life opportunities, showing these life opportunities can lead us to. Based on numbers was created a science called Numerology. It is the art of interpretation and practical application of the meaning of separate numbers, as well as their various combinations. It is relatively new science. Using long-forgotten knowledge of Egyptian druids, Chinese sages, Pythagoreans it became possible to recreate, complement and lead to a single logical reunite. Scientists and researchers of our time restored, developed and supplemented the methods of numerological analysis and forecasting, linking them with psychology, philosophy, economics, created a number of methods and approaches to the understanding and development of an individual. “There are no poor people, unhappy families and troubled children – there is a lack of knowledge about themselves and the world around us”

We invite you to the morning tea at our new office on February 5 at 10:00, 2015

Please confirm your attendance!