Master-class “Decorate things with Swarovski crystals“

Dear Ladies,  We invite you to our craft master-class “Decorate things with Swarovski crystals“  conducted by Ekaterina Akimova.

 Decorating things with Swarovski crystals is a quite new and very popular design trend. Swarovski crystals can be used to add a bit of sparkle to nearly anything you own. Thanks to the different types of crystals and glue applicators you can buy, you can add them to both soft fabrics and hard plastics and metals. Great for projects such as creating a crystal phone, decorating clothes, leather, hairclip, notebook and many other accessories. With Swarovski crystals, you can turn any gadget into a piece of luxurious jewelry. All it takes is a bit of imagination to decide what to decorate and how to decorate it.   The class will be held on April 13, 2013 at 10:30 in Rossiyanka’s office. During the master class you will learn the basics of handling crystals and creating amazing shining things using only crystals, glue and your hands! Each participant will be given a set of tools required for the first lesson which includes :1. Swarovski crystals ( up. 200pcs)  2.Two-component adhesive

Each participant should bring an item to be decorated with  crystals.
( Please see the below samples.) Dear women, to take the master -class you need to pre-register by phone : +971509299207