Please join us for morning Qigong classes and workshops!

Dear Ladies, as per your requests, Anna Maharani is starting morning Qigong classes and workshops in Rossiyanka’s office.

The Zhong Yuan (the highest levels of Qigong) classes will be held in Rossiyanka’s office on April 20(Sunday), April 21 (Monday), April 22 (Tuesday), April 23  (Wednesday ), April 24 (Thursday) from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

After the completion of classes, the group practical training will be organized 1-2 times  a week (outside if weather permits) upon participants’ confirmation.

During the training you will learn the basic practices that will help you further improve your health and emotional well-being. The practice aims to develop your own energy or Qi.  Working with substance of Qi, and directing it flowing into your body, you will feel the physical changes and energy level increase.

You will enjoy the study of techniques aimed at strengthening and regenerating the spine, exercising self-regulation, body cleansing, proper breathing, restoring body balance and emotional harmony. Qigong exercises are time-tested and based on traditional Chinese medicine.

Zhong Yuan is the highest levels of Qigong (also spelled Chi Kung) – a powerful system of healing, an art and science of using energy, breathing techniques, gentle movement, and meditation to cultivate, activate, and work with your life energy (Qi/Chi). Qigong is one of the oldest healing systems that originated at least 7000 years ago in China.

Please join us for Zhong Yuan (Qigong) learning seminar and workshops by Anna Maharani, Qigong healer and master.

Dress code: Comfortable loose clothing and training shoes.

All interested in attending the morning sessions, please contact Anna Maharani directly for registration: +971 50 435 47 08 or