Glass emits a rainbow

When on your eyes ordinary glass turns into a sparkling rainbow picture, you look with admiration at this, but you can not imagine that such a wonder anyone can create by their own hands! Stained glass art is now in great demand, and one can hardly find a house where there will be no little thing, made in this technique, be it window or doorway, furniture, glassware or souvenir. 
The production of this classic stained glass is a very complex and laborious process, but there are also technologies to create their own wonderful stained glass painting at home on any glass surface, transmitted the light. 
On the 20th of June at the office of Rossiyanka, which has already established itself in the cultural space of the UAE as an interesting place which conducts a variety of meetings and events, the lesson of stained art held for children and adults who want to learn this magical world. The purpose of training conducted by the teacher Mrs. Ekaterina Akimova, was not only acquainted with the art of stained glass, but also to give an opportunity for each to try yourself as a designer of glass. In order to study the work Mrs. Ekaterina has chosen finished frame with glass, in which each of those present was able to create a special circuit design on the glass, then apply paint and get a result of unique author’s work, its own production. 
Both children and adults went home in high spirits, proudly holding up their creations, radiating magical light. Everyone went home with the idea to continue the experience.
“It has been long overdue for the establishment in the UAE Russian cultural center, which would bring creative people together, and such, I think there are many, because Russia has always been famous for its craftsmen” Mrs. Ekaterina said. “Thanks to Rossiyanka and personally to the president of the Community of Russian Women in UAE Mrs. Tatiana Al Aroud, for enthusiastic supports of all my endeavors, these dreams are coming true ….” said Mrs. Ekaterina.
In early September, for children and adults lessons of practical acquaintance with the different techniques in painting and decorative arts will start at the office of Rossiyanka.

Mrs. Ekaterina Akimova will conduct classes, her address:,

Mrs. Ekaterina argues that such studies are needed not only for children but also for adults. “Art, in whatever form it is expressed, is not only brings positive and good mood, it teaches us to think, to dream, to develop skills, to form the specific skills and provides great networking opportunities for children and adults” she said. 

For classes of decorative art applied at least one quality is necessary to practice: creative imagination, free time or simply the desire to decorate the house.