It’s Raining Confetti

Dubai Ladies Club

June 02 – June 30

Opening night: June 02, 7:30 pm

“It’s Raining Confetti” is nothing less than vibrant mixture of palettes with the underlying abstract

vision of reality. The displayed paintings exude positivity and lightness that is difficult to ignore no

matter what mood you are in. A refreshing, powerful and extremely intelligent painter, DariaBlizhenskaya is endowed with magnificent creative inventiveness.

Through her work Daria attempts to express the reflection of universal connection of things, in her paintings you will find every little detail interlinked with the others. Daria believes that there are no consequences in the circle of life, as all of our lives are intertwined one way or another. An evendeeper aspiration is to make every viewer reflect the connection between the painting and theirown unconscious inner self.


Short Bio

Born in a small village in Russia n 1980, Daria Blizhenskaya was involved in art since her earlyyears.

At the age of nine Daria attended private art school, where her talent was quickly noticed by her

teachers. In 1997, determined to give happiness by creating beauty, Daria left her city and traveled

to metropolitan Voronezh, where she was admitted to the one of the strongest art schools inRussia, Voronezh State University. It was during this period that she absorbed and expressed theideas and influences of Van Gogh, Monet, and Gustav Klimt producing impressionist works thatalready more than hinted at her positive and effervescent style.

As in many Russian academic families, Daria was raised reading Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. In fact, in most of her painting we can see the influence of these writers and the culture of those times.Extravagant women who exude femininity, self-confidence and class are one of the main subjects of the artist’s early works.

Following her heart, Daria came to Montreal and settled there. In her later works she paintsMontreal’s cathedrals and streets, pursuing a more architectural subject. Here, she also discoversher unique distinctive style.


After Canada, Daria’s travelling spirit leads her to the UAE. Experiencing the UAE and its wonders, Daria becomes fascinated with the sea and the underwater world, which is clearly seen in herlatest works.