Literary Event “Visiting Fairy Land”

On 24th November, 2012  the Community of Russian Women “Rossiyanka” supported by the Embassy of Russian Federation organized a Literary Event “Visiting a Fairyland” in One to One Hotel, Abu Dhabi.

The event started with a concert during which short extracts from the favorite fairytales were cited by the young participants. The children from Rossiyanka Community’s Russian language group continued the programme with the performance of wonderful fairy-tale story based on the Adventures of Buratino or The Golden Key by L.Tolstoy. Young actor’s talented performance, colourful costumes, decorations and the play itself, perfectly staged and directed by Elena Kudakova , have drawn a warm response from the audience.

After the performance there was a quiz game to test the children’s knowledge of and about world fairy tales and books. All the children so actively participated in the game that we can certainly say that they still read and love fairy tales as well as their predecessors did.

The event’s programme ended with «Magic Costume» contest! The prize winners were chosen by the audience voting.

All the participants and the contest’s winners were presented with memorable gifts from the organizers of the literary event. And following the russian tradition the event ended with a tea party.

The Embassy of the Russian Federation and the Community of Russian Women “Rossiyanka” would like to thank Alla Astanina and Svetlana Sabbah for the organization of the “Visiting a Fairyland” literary event.