Maslenitsa in Abu Dhabi

Maslenitsa in Abu Dhabi.
Maslenitsa is Slavic holiday which we had inherited from the pagan culture and has adopted after taken Christianity. It is seeing winter, lit joyful expectation of spring renewal of nature. There is no other celebration in Russia, which took place would be as fun as a broad of Maslenitsa!
Russian people living in the U.A.E. were also able to participate in this exciting festival, which took place on the February 25th in One to One Hotel Abu Dhabi with the support of the Embassy of the Russian Federation and the Community of Russian Women “Rossiyanka”.
Open area hotel has been decorated with colored balls of the Russian colors and the central place was occupied by the traditional effigy of winter. First came Aunt Maslenitsa, she provided with history of this event and put forth a riddle, and then invited everyone to take part in games and competitions. Both children and adults heatedly competed for victory, but in the end no one left without a gift, nor winners nor losers. The most active family that has gathered the biggest quantity of points won the grand prize, a delicious cake. There had been also installed large inflatable castle for children which gave them great pleasure.
All guests were sitting under the awning at the tables, drinking tea with delicious ruddy pies and pancakes, and exchanging experiences. Like that Russian people spent winter and met spring in the UAE.
The Embassy of the Russian Federation and the Community of Russian women “Rossiyanka” thank Russian bakery at the hotel “Khaidiya” in Sharjah and personally Mr. S. Muradyan, as well as the restaurant “Suvoroff” for delicious cakes which were made specifically for that day.