Meeting with numerologist

A special place among the mysteries is held by the mystery of numbers, their origin and influence on people. We are surrounded by numbers on every step of our lives, they accompany us from the day of birth to the last day. We can’t imagine living without numbers. What role do they play in our destiny?

To reveal the secrets of numbers, to learn analyzing and understanding their meaning, we have invited a member of Rossiyanka community, psychologist-numerologist – Irina Marusyak.

During three workshops Rossiyanka women learned about a method of a mathematician and psychologyst A.Aleksandrov, learned what means a Pythagoras Square and how to create a phychomatrix and a personal Wheel of Fortune.

Seminars were held in a fun interactive way, Irina gave interesting examples from life. It turned out, even a person’s name in its different variations also has certain information and changing the last name may have an impact on a destiny of a person.

On behalf of all women who attended workshops on numerology, we would like to express our appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity of self-development and learning new things given by Irina Marusyak.