Mini seminar:” To live – it means to feel”, was held on the 14th of June, at 10:30 am in the office of Rossiyanka

Seminar was held by Natalia Kozenko, journalist, artist, mother of two children. Everyone who is interested in the life of their children and worry about the future came to that mini-workshop
to plunge into the atmosphere that excites every family.

Surprisingly, school underachievement, behavioral problems and much more, in most cases are not the result of pooreducation or laziness of the child but especially his perception that parents need to understand. After all, they have toface daily with educational challenges of their children. Mrs. Natalie proposed to choose instead of conflicts and disputes – mutual understanding with children, because we don’t always know what to do.

Conducted workshop with professional video display, showed sports equipment which she has equipped her house for mental and physical development of children. That caused great interest and heated debate about the development and the relationship of parents and children.

Mini-workshop on sensory integration has helped us learn what is sensory and how is it works, how important is it in everyone’s life. As well as ideas on child development, developing environment, the world around the child, all goodsfor him.

Many of us have come to know and understand that children development by stages and we do not need to disturb them, only to help. During meeting we have touched the topic and spooked about children with disabilities.
At the end of mini-seminar, while tea ceremony, all women  had a long discussion with Mrs. Natalia on urgentquestions, which she eagerly replied,
We would like to thank Natalia Kozenko for the interesting information provided to us and look forward to see her next time.