Morning meeting at the Wellbeing Medical Centre.

Who goes for visit in the morning, is doing wise!
For Community of Russian Women “Rossiyanka” morning friendly meetings have become a good tradition.  This time we visited Wellbeing Medical Centre, real professionals in the field of plastic surgery and cosmetology.
It’s not a secret that the aesthetic and plastic surgery for women is the subject very interesting, important, but at the same time dangerous. It is therefore important to find a specialist of the highest category that can honestly and openly answer all the questions and give practical advice and resolve doubts. It is with such doctor Rossiyanka met at the Wellbeing Medical Centre. Dr. Can Imdat Engin (Turkey), the plastic surgeon with experience of more than 24 years, not only provided us with an interesting lecture, but also answered questions from our women.
The second half of the meeting was devoted to laser hair removal and cosmetic hardware. Particularly pleasing was the fact that the lecture on these issues was conducted in the native language to us. Ukrainian woman Olena Ryasna, a certified specialist with over 12 years of experience, shared the secrets of proper skin care, spoke about the new techniques painless laser hair removal, and also told to Rossiyanka about  the treatment and removal of dark circles under the eyes, purification and treatment of acne, and such procedures as Microdermabrasion , MesoFacial, Lifting -tightening skin.
In addition, Wellbeing Medical Center provided special terms to Rossiyanka for their services.
Thus, upon the presentation of a personal membership card of the club Rossiyanka, our women will get 30% of discount on consultation with the surgeon, 20% of discount on any plastic surgery, as well as the procedure for wrinkle using Botox . In addition, the Russian woman is given a free consultation and a 20% of discount on laser hair removal painless and Treatment MicroDermabrasion (Diamond Peel) and 10%of discount for 6 treatments for skin care.
We would like to thanks the Wellbeing Medical Centre for their hospitality, and Rossiaynka expects a lot of enjoyable and interesting visits!