Morning meeting with Dr. Amit Kumar at BR Medical Suites.Treatment of vascular diseases.

If you are healthy, you are blessed….

To live a long active life without diseases, we should remember that health is a truly priceless gift that we always need to take care of…. According to the World Health Organization, every second citizen of the planet suffers from a vascular disease. The majority of affected are women. For years varicose veins have been the scourge of women of different ages. Why do women get varicose veins? What shall we do to maintain strong and healthy blood vessels?

To learn more about vascular decease, and in particular about varicose, we visited Dr. Amir Kumar– an expert in the field of vascular and endovascular surgery, Clinical Assistant Professor-Surgery Columbia University,  New York, USA.  Dr. Amit Kumar has extensive experience in the treatment of vascular disease- he has performed more than 1,110 endovascular procedures for the treatment of vascular diseases.

The place of our meeting was the medical center BR Medical Suites in Dubai where Dr. Amit Kumar founded the center for vascular and Endovascular surgery.  BR Medical Suites is an elite multi-specialty care center accompanied by world-class operation theaters that serves the UAE and the broader region through internationally acclaimed physicians commanding state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment technologies.

During the meeting, Dr. Amit mostly focused on varicose veins problems, but also shared the information with Rossiyanka’s women about blood vessels problems leading to a variety of other diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, and aneurysm of the abdominal aorta and of the famous varicose legs.  At the end Dr. Kumar added that we can prevent or to cure the disease of blood vessels, by the timely reference to the vascular surgeon. Treatment may be different, both medical and operational as it all depends on the disease’s stage, the condition that caused it, patient’s age and other health disorders that can affect the treatment. …

It is also important to note that ALL Major insurance companies are covered for the consultation with BR Medical Suites. Some minor insurance companies which are not covered will reimburse the patient for the consultation. In regards to the procedures, ultrasounds,  sclerotherapy (injection to get rid of the veins),  each insurance company has a different agreement based upon the level of the card, and once the patient comes and has the consultation the specialists of the BR Medical Suites will be able to give you more information.

In addition, BR Medical Suites will be giving a special discount to the ladies coming from the Russian Women’s Association “Rossiyanka”.

We would like to say thank you to Dr.Kumar for his very warm and welcoming meeting and professional advice to Rossiyanka’s women!

Dear Ladies, if you are interested in visiting BR Medical Suites or having a consultation with Dr. Amit Kumar, kindly find below the Clinic address and contact phones:

 BR Medical Suites

4005, Block – B, 4th Floor, Al Razi Building No.64, P.O.Box: 505162,

Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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April 16, 2013