Morning tea at fashionable “Boutique De Lolita”

Nothing makes a woman feel more attractive, confident and glamorous than a perfectly chosen dress…

We had a really enjoyable morning meeting in “Boutique De Lolita” – a cutting edge boutique, owned and inspired by a young and very creative fashionist Lolita Saeed, who had an extensive background in fashion, art and music. Throughout the years of traveling around the world, Lolita was able to put together a great collection of ladies dresses, gowns, and accessories and much more from many different designers which features, luxurious textiles, edgy modern designs and glamorous clothing for any occasion day or night.We were warmly welcomed by Lolita into the boutique which impressed us with its comfortable and beautiful environment and home-like atmosphere. Absolutely, fashion and shopping are women sports and it is especially nice to meet in a place where you can relax over a cup of tea and talk about latest fashion trends, designers and styles. As we walked in, Lolita started the presentation about boutique…

“Each of us has her own preferences in clothing, and certainly there was a moment when a fancy and well designed dress caught your eye and you realized you want to have it! But, it is not always easy to find the designer that will create and implement your fashion vision according to your body type. Also, choosing the perfect dress is difficult because you’ll have to sort through a variety of styles to find one which fits your body type.

“Boutique De Lolita” is the place where you can have your dream designs made for you! Boutique offers a personal approach to design and dressmaking, private consultation with the designer, variety of sample designs to choose from, wardrobe consulting, personal shopping and color analysis. You will also learn how to dress for your specific body shape that will enhance your figure and give you a beautifully balanced look. To choose the perfect match, you will be offered to browse the portfolio and try on the sample garments in store. To put the final touch, the specialists will help you to add some quirks to suit your personality.”

Lolita invited us to a tea and continued presentation: “Individual tailoring and personal touch in our boutique are aimed at creating a unique, superb design. We also offer our customers to be involved in this fascinating process where they become co-authors – from selection of ideal fabric and colour combination. We also enhance women’s wardrobes by expanding their choices through accessories and coordinate that mix and match.

“Besides, – added Lolita, you can always try out dresses at the boutique so you’ll know on what to stop while designing your own dress.”

In “Boutique De Lolita” you will find a rich variety of fabrics ranging from gentle neutral beige-white –grey- lilac colors to bright and deep fuchsia-turquoise-carmin- green tropical ones.

Lolita also shared with us the information on how different types of fabric vary in care such as   silk, lace and everyday textile items. It was especially interesting to know how the future dress or skirt is designed, how long the sewing process takes and many other things.

Thank you Lolita for inviting us for a very informative, yet warm and friendly meeting and for the exclusively gifted 15% discount for all Rossiyanka’s ladies during their future visits to “Boutique De Lolita”.

Dear Women, if you are looking to create special occasion dress or to design a new wardrobe, we certainly recommend “Boutique De Lolita” to you!


March 3, 2014