Morning Tea.Healing Art of Qi Gong

On January 28, 2014, we had a very interesting morning tea meeting with Anna Maharani, Qigong healer and master.  Originally from Ukraine, Anna started practicing the Qigong system 7 years ago. She got certified in 4 levels of Qigong, became a personal student of Master Xu Mintang, participated 2 times in the Shaolin Advanced Training under Master Xu Mintang and got certified as a Qigong Instructor in 2007.During the meeting, Anna presented a lecture on Qigong (also spelled Chi Kung) – a powerful system of healing, an art and science of using energy, breathing techniques, gentle movement, and meditation to cultivate, activate, and work with your life energy (Qi/Chi). Qigong is one of the oldest healing systems that originated at least 7000 years ago in China.

It was very interesting to learn that Qigong healing system strengthens a physical body and health, prolongs  life, dissolves stress, negative emotions , various diseases , develops creative and special abilities, activates the brain, develops wisdom, intuition , restores spiritual, physical and emotional balance, helps to gain happiness, peace and harmony with the surrounding space .

Feeling harmony between our life and the surrounding world is very important as it helps us to achieve great results in any field, whether it is a profession, a hobby or something else. And when there is a  balance and harmony between the internal and the external worlds there is strength to move forward.

Today, Anna gives personal classes and Qigong group workshops in Dubai, as well as Energy healing sessions, Theta-Healing and Hypnotherapy sessions. Also an Artist, Anna showcases her spiritual art in different galleries in Dubai and abroad.

For more information and organization of workshops please contact Ania on +971 50 435 47 08 or email to  Facebook pages: Qigong Dubai; Anna Maharani


Thank you Anna for making our morning tea meeting so interesting and informative!

January 28, 2014