Morning Tea. Meeting with the doctors of Specialist Medical Centre.

The invitation from Specialist Medical center to visit the clinic and have an informative meeting with the doctors, was accepted with a great pleasure. Following the invitation we had our regular morning tea at the clinic on February 3, 2014.Specialist Medical Centre employs highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the areas – general medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, dentistry, plastic surgery and laser cosmetology. Compared to other medical clinics, Specialist Medical centre has its advantage as it can offer russian speaking physicians to the russian community in the UAE. The doctors and other medical stuff of the centre, also speak English, Tagalog, Indian, Arabic and Farsi.

The meeting began with an introduction from each physician describing how the clinic’s departments work and it continued with showing newest medical equipment, giving recommendations and answering on related questions. The doctors emphasized the importance of facilitating medical “doctor-patient” meetings to increase awareness about disease prevention and nowadays methods of treatment and up-to-date technologies.

After the introductory tour around the clinic we were invited to outdoor tea sitting during which Dr. Azima Rashidova Specialist Obstetric – Gynecologist of the highest category , PhD , Associate Professor and Srebrina Apostolova, General  practitioner and pediatrician, Member of ERA-EDTA & EMA, Former A. Professor lectured on the topics of current  importance : cervical cancer – the third most common type of cancer in women  and ” Symptoms of brain cancer”. The doctors did a wonderful job in giving an overview of both diseases and holding an interactive discussion with women.

As a welcome gift, each woman was presented with a discount voucher for dental care. Also, our community’s members will get special rates and discounts during their next visit to the clinic.

On behalf of the women who attended our morning meeting, we would like to thank all the doctors for the warm welcome and a very interesting and informative meeting!

We wish all visits to doctors were as pleasant as this one!