• Establishing and extending relationships with the feminine, child and other social organizations in the UAE for arranging joint events, as well as exchanging experience in the fields of  arts, culture, science, education, physical culture, healthy life-style, family consolidation, education and comprehensive development of children
  • Creating and developing opportunities for Russian-speaking women to study the culture of the UAE, and to understand the laws, national features and traditions of this country
  • Supporting the activities related to representation of the best specimen of the Russian culture in the UAE
  • Working on maintaining and developing the Russian language and literature in the UAE
  • Providing maximal assistance in developing relations and rendering help to the Russian women in their communication in the UAE
  • Realization of the projects aimed at education, social and cultural development of children
  • Uniting Russian-speaking women for joint arranging of different cultural events and charitable programs
  • Organizing cultural events, concerts, arranging exhibitions and auctions for attracting funds needed to perform the main activities of the Community

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