On the 5th of June interesting and informative master class was organized for all members of the club with image maker and make up artist

UPTODATE IMAGE CONSULTING STUDIO and  Dmitry Kaprilyants Studio spooked about the proper makeuptechniques, correction the shape of the face with make up, different styles of make up and much more.

“It makes no sense to hope that others will appreciate you for your character and personality, not paying attention on how you look.” Mr. Brian Tracy


You surely have heard our saying: “Meet the clothes…” or American: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”


According to research conducted by psychologist Mr. Albert Mehrabian and first published in the book “Silent Message” in 1971, during the first 30 seconds of contact with a new person 55% remembered of the impressions made his appearance, 38% of the impressions made by voice. Here is what we say, gives the impression of only 7% percent. So whether you like it or not, an impression you make on the 93% does not depend on what you say.
Studies have shown that the three most important factors to be considered for employment are:


          Communication skills (verbal and written)

          The image (grooming, clothing, behavior)



Conclusion is clear, your clothes should always be carefully considered for the simple reason that, if you feelcomfortable your body language will be more positive, eye contact will be more favorable and the voice will be overconfident.
Every woman wants to look beautiful and attractive, but does each of us know how to do it? Most often, women intuitivelyunderstand what are fit to face, but this is not always the case. While shopping, we do not often experiment with accessories, colors and different shades, because we think in the same direction, we see all things under one corner,wearing only our favorite colors and styles of clothing, we are living long-standing stereotypes.

Our team, UPTODATE IMAGE CONSULTING STUDIO and  Dmitry Kaprilyants Studio
will help you to change the stereotypes and give you the knowledge to look exactly as you want and enjoy it.
Stylist, image maker: Natalia Taranova
Graduated from Milan Uptodate Fashion Academy
Course of Global Image & Life Coaching
Phone number 050 7961649


Conducts Consultations:

Color test


Duration -2 hours

You will be picking up colors and be teaching at the store to determine colors, combinations, be advising  which hair styles and hair colors suit you. And of course, will be toughing to complete harmonious color bands and the correct selection of accessories.


Determining the type of shape
Visual correction of its features
Selection of styles and solutions

Duration-2 hours

You will learn to create the complete image of a harmonious, used in the preparation of multilayered costumeensemble. There are different images: for work, social life, going to the cinema and restaurants, country trips. And each time it will be you, but different:  business and elegant, feminine and gentle, then fatal and dangerous, then open, cheerful and sociable. The professional image maker will help you to match the occasion every time, place andsituation.


 Wardrobe analysis
Duration – 3 hours


I will consider and analyze your wardrobe in terms of compliance figure, color appearance and style solutions. Also, I will gather new costume ensembles in your wardrobe and will give recommendations for additions and optimizations.
Personal Shopping


Image maker will help you to choose clothes that suit you by colors and shapes. This will save your time, money, power, and most importantly, will bring a lot of positive emotions. You will see in a mirror reflection of a new you!


Dmitry Kaprilyants is the professional make up artist, offers all kinds of make up with the latest innovative techniques oflifting, and master classes in make up for groups and individuals.  During the two hours session you will learn that the right make up does wonders and how without knife and without injections of the plastic surgeon to adjust the individualshortcomings of face shape and age-related changes.And if you want to look perfect for specific event such as a romantic date, dinner party, wedding, party in a club or photo session, professional make up with lifting therapy based on the best Italian and French cosmetics would be most welcome.
To look works and training programs you can visit www.dmitrymakeupartist.com
Appointment by phone: +971501323505
Be beautiful and healthy!