The invitation from Specialist Medical center to visit the clinic and have an informative meeting with the doctors, was accepted with a great pleasure. Following the invitation we had our regular morning tea at the clinic on February 3, 2014.Specialist Medical Centre employs highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the areas – general medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, dentistry, plastic surgery and laser cosmetology. Compared to other medical clinics, Specialist Medical centre has its advantage as it can offer russian speaking physicians to the russian community in the UAE. The doctors and other medical stuff of the centre, also speak English, Tagalog, Indian, Arabic and Farsi. (more…)



Rossiyanka participates in another Al Noor Annual Ladies’ Luncheon 2014

Rossiyanka continues to support Al Noor Training Centre for children with Special Needs by participating in another year of Al Noor annual event – The Al Noor Ladies Luncheon hosted by  Al Noor Training Centre for children with Special Needs. For more than 3 years the Community for Russian Women “Rossiyanka” has stayed a good friend of Al Noor Training Centre and is proud to count itself amongst its long-term supporters. Read more…


Costume party “Old New Year” with Rossiyanka’s women

The President of the Community  for Russian Women “Rossiyanka” hosted an amazing masquerade party “Old New Year” for Rossiyanka’s women to welcome 2014! The event took place on January 10, 2014 at the residence of Tatiana Al Aroud. As masquerade party is all about mystery, each invited guest was asked to wear a fancy dress, masquerade costume or a mask. Read more…


Embassy Christmas Tree for children in Abu Dhabi

Welcome New Year 2014!

This year Embassy Christmas Tree saw more than 500 guests coming from all the United Arab Emirates. The new year event was organized for russian children and children from mixed families by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the UAE and the Community for Russian Women “Rossiyanka” on December 29, 2013 at Raha Beach Hotel, Abu Dhabi. Read more…


Italian – Russian Women Intercultural Dinner. «Rossiyanka» and «Donne Italiane a Dubai»

Within the framework of «Italian Festival Weeks UAE », the Community of Russian Women «Rossiyanka» and Italian Women Association «Donne Italiane a Dubai» partnered in organizing a wonderful intercultural dinner – an opportunity to meet and share experiences and advices for everyday life in the United Arab Emirates. Read more…


Networking event with RBC and Rossiyanka. 15th Women’s Exhibition

On September 21, 2013 the Community of Russian Women in UAE “Rossiyanka” in collaboration with Russian Business Council organized a joint networking event to highlight their activities and provide a networking opportunity for their members. Read more…


First morning tea in new season 2013-2014. Alternative Methods for Facial Rejuvenation – Face fitness and Face-healing

 On September 19, Rossiyanka’s women came together for the first morning meeting in new 2013-2014 season. And again, at our regular morning meeting we speak about women and for women….. This time the topic of interest was – Alternative Methods for Facial Rejuvenation – Face fitness and Face-healing. To know more about facial rejuvenation procedure and to learn how to improve skin texture and keep facial muscles in a good shape, we invited to our morning tea Olena Rossoshynska – recreation therapist, osteopathologist, inventor of face-healing recreation therapy, creator and anchorwoman of her own TV show “Face-fitness” on  “ЖивиТВ” channel, author of numerous articles in russian and ukraine magazines and Marina Kuchkina – astrologer, expert in Reiki oriental medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, specialist on alternative skin rejuvenation treatments. Read more…


Rossiyanka welcomes special guests from Manzil Centre

On June 9, 2013 a charity lunch for special guests from Manzil Centre was organized by Rossiyanka in collaboration with Bennigan’s, Dynamic Hospitality. Rossiyanka and Bennigan’s invited special children from Manzil Centre for challenged individuals for a lunch in Bennigan’s restaurant, a chef-driven neighborhood restaurant chain famous for its generous portions and pours. Read more…


Rossiyanka sponsors The Pacific Ventures – Al Noor Gala Dinner 2013

Encouraging philanthropy, participation in charity fundraising events and assistance to the centres for children with disabilities in the UAE have always been the priorities in Rossiyanka’s charitable activity. Continuing to support AL Noor Training Centre, Rossiyanka participated as a sponsor  in the one of the most notable charity fundraising events of the year The Pacific Ventures – Al Noor Gala Dinner 2013  that was held on June 7, 2013 at the Atlantis The Plam Hotel, Dubai. Read more…


International Children’s Day celebration. «Wizard of the Emerald City» performance.

International Children’s Day is one of the oldest international holidays and is widely recognized in the countries worldwide to promote the welfare of children and to celebrate childhood. It was first proclaimed by the World Conference for the Well-being of Children in 1925. International Day for Protection of Children, observed in many countries as Children’s Day on June 1 since 1950, was established by the Women’s International Democratic Federation on its congress in Moscow (22 November 1949). The community of Russian Women “Rossiyanka” celebrated Children’s day by arranging a performance of «Wizard of Emerald City» by the russian children in the office of “Rossiyanka” on June 1, 2013. Read more…

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