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Feiler, a brand formed in 1948 is the worlds leading manufacturer of yarn-patterned chenille and exquisite terry with chenille borders towels. Producing exclusively in Hohenberg, Germany, Feiler has kept its “Made in Germany” quality up to standard and with the success growing over the years, Feiler is now distributing chenille products in over 30 countries successfully.

The brand has diverse collections in stock that would suit every person and household alike. The delightful chenille patterns of Clover, Divan and Dublin, are joined by the Cricket Terry collection. Both fluffy and soft fabrics form a remarkable feature decorative chenille borders that add value to bathroom decor.

All collections share an impressive color palette ranging from powdery, soft pastels in shades of cream to warm terra-cotta hues. In light beige tones, the floral pattern of Clover was inspired by soft, delicate clover leaves gently moving in the wind. In Divan, Feiler has re-interpreted its classical paisleys in subdued, natural colors. Warm hues harmonize to form a distinctive check in Dublin.

Feiler’s latest “Nature Collection” brings understatement and the natural look to bathroom textiles. The collection features a specially used design technique as it’s unique mark of quality. In turn this creates the an unmissable pattern that colour effect on both sides. Likewise, the fabrics are woven from a special yarn made of 100% cotton that gives them a, exclusive, velvety surface and provides maximum absorbance of any liquid. Due to Felier’s production process, the chenille maintains it’s highly abrasion-resistant surface for many years.

Designers who already work with Feiler products will be pleased to know that all of the new patterns in Nature collection can be combined with other Feiler terry lines as Exclusive and Amrum collections. Completely in line with the motto ‘less is more’, Feiler has created a harmonious collection with an assured sense of style that appeals to passionate design fans everywhere.

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