The 200 anniversary of the World War of 1812 is celebrating this year.

The 200th anniversary of the World War of 1812 is celebrating this year.

The Publishing House “Russian Emirates” with the support of the Russian Embassy in Abu Dhabi invites young compatriots living in the United Arab Emirates, to participate in an essay contest on the war of 1812, an unprecedented feat of the Russian people, which made Russia a world power country.

All works are accepted until 10th of April, 2012.

The participant, who will take 1st place will be awarded by a trip to Moscow from 22 till 26 of April 2012 to an International Youth Forum “And the eternal memory of the Twelfth Year”, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Russia’s victory in the war of 1812.

Terms and conditions of the essay competition are devoted to the valor of the Russian people in the World War of 1812.

1. General information:

1.1. Competition holds by the Publishing House “Russian Emirates” with the support of the Russian Federation Embassy in the UAE for young compatriots living in the United Arab Emirates. The contest is aimed at the realization of creative potential of young generation compatriots to revive the memory of the fighting Russian soldiers and Russian people in World War 1812.

2. Goals and objectives of the competition:

2.1. The purpose of the Contest is to develop a positive attitude of the study of the history of Russian people, young people, and the expansion of historical knowledge about events of the World War in 1812.


3. The organization and timing of the contest:

3.1.The competition is holding from 20 of March till10 of April, 2012
3.2. The competition involved young people, from 18 to 28 year’s old living in the UAE.

4. Requirements for registration of a competitive work (essay):

(“Essay” – experience, a sketch. Unscientific prose work, philosophical, literary, historical, journalistic or other topics, in a relaxed form setting out the author’s personal views on an issue).

4.1 Essays must be an independent, creative work, the reasoning of the valor of the Russian people in the World War 1812, as the war in Russia’s history and its impact on identity of the Russian people, or work-study on the lesser-known moments and forgotten heroes of that war.

4.2 The decoration of the text, using different techniques (collage, drawing, applique, etc.) is welcome.

4.3 Accompanying text states need to include:
– Surname, Name and Date of birth.
– Education.
– Place of the residence in the UAE.

4. 4 Participants should send their work by an e-mail to:


5.  Evaluation Criteria:

5.1 Compliance with the stated theme of the content of the essay contest;
5.2 Validity of exposition the author’s point of view.
5.3 Autonomy and creative work.
5.4 Clarity and logic of presentation.
5.5 Literacy and the accuracy of registration.

6. Results of the competition:

6.1. The decision on the winners of the Contest will be taken by the Editorial Board ID “Russian Emirates”.
6.2. Information about winners and results will be announced on the 12 of April, 2012
6.3. The participant, who will take 1st place will be awarded by a trip to Russia to participate in an International YouthForum “And the eternal memory of the Twelfth Year” dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Russia’s victory in the war of1812. Forum will be hold in Moscow from 22 till 26 of April 2012.
6.4. Participants who rank second and third place will receive awarded prizes.
6.5. All participants will receive presents and certificates by the Publishing House “Russian Emirates”.