The Golden Key or the Adventures of Buratino

On the 8 of June, Community of Russian Women “Rossiyanka” has opened widely their doors for visitors who came to watch the play “The Golden Key or the Adventures of Buratino ”
The play was made by Russian language teacher Elena Kudakova.

Children from Russian language courses took part in the play.
Elena Kudakova is not only the director, screenwriter; she is also a costume designer for
the performance.

Musical arrangement and choreography were in the high level.
The guys involved in the play were played with their parents, who took great participation in the life of Rossiyanka.
The audience with enthusiasm and delight watched the performance of young actors which have been dressed in colorful and vibrant costumes.
Young viewers worried about Buratino and his friends, dolls.

After the play, all children have received small sweet gifts.
Then all participants of the show and the audience were invited to a tea party.
Adults and children were happy to watch that performance and now are waiting for new
meetings of Community of Russian women “Rossiyanka”.
Many thanks to everyone who took part.