The lady with character

The lady with character
Defense honest person, solid, persistently and with an open mind is often said that he had “Siberian character.” All these qualities possessed in full measure for Mrs. Tatiana Al Aroud, President of Community of Russian Women in UAE “Rossiyanka”

So, her name is Tatyana….
Our heroine was born in Omsk, the largest city in South-Western Siberia. Now, recalling her childhood, she says with a smile that was probably the busiest kid in town, as in her schedule there was not a single day off. Tanya had time foreverything: for sports, and various clubs and sections. After high school, she first received specialized secondary education and then went to Sochi to study at the Institute for Tourism and Recreation.

In this sunny city Mrs. Tatiana met her fate – Mr. Saleh Al Aroud. At that time he had his own business in tourism, andthe firm has worked with Syria and UAE. In 2000 the young family moved to Dubai, and here came a new stage in their lives. Aviation – that’s what has now become a priority, and together they began work on the formation and establishment of the company. Today, years later, it’s safe to say that it was the right choice, and now “RUS Aviation” is a thriving company in the airline cargo industry.

In 2002, in the family Al Aroud was a joyous event – a daughter, Darina, was born, and two years later was born long-awaited son, Sami. Young mother completely dedicated herself caring their families, and again, like in school, trying tocatch everywhere.

With children, she attended music classes, painting and dancing, trying to inspire varieties of sports, of course, it helped the children to choose interests.

Darina loves to collect the radio-controlled robots from a children’s designer and dance “Zumbu,” and Sami, as a real man, chose serious kinds if sports, karate and kung fu, he loves to play football and he is a team member  at  school (in his parallel). Among other activities Mrs. Tatiana has never forgotten about Russian language, her children speakvery well in Russian, knows and loves Russian literature.

About creativity and not only

Children grew up; she had little of free time. Remembering her former passion for modeling, Mrs. Tatiana decided to resume her studies and entered to two-year course in Dubai Art Centre.  During training in their house has appeared a collection of clay figurines in the style of Dumkovo toys. I’m sure a creative streak always lived inside, because allworks so brilliantly executed that it is impossible to believe that the person did it without any special artistic training.

Having lived for a long time in UAE, Mrs. Tatiana realized that she could not remain aloof from public life. Together with her husband, they decided to take part in charitable activities, and the first step was to help the Center for Children with Disabilities behalf of Sheikh Rashid in Dubai (Rashid Centre), as well as to cooperate with thehumanitarian organization World Food Program. Since that time the couple Al Aroud is constantly involved in variousphilanthropic and social events.

However, Mrs. Tatiana has never lost touch with her homeland and through her activities to raise the image of her native country. She always takes an active part with special feeling in the “International days” at school, which her children are attending.


Among Russian parents, found mothers, who supported her, and for these events, together, they are preparing the exhibition, telling about Russia. But, in general, assessing the situation in the United Arab Emirates, Mrs. Tatiana realized that most of the compatriots living here, disunited and are closed only in problems of their families. This is how the idea of creating an association that would unite the Russian women for informal communication and sharing a variety of activities came. The organization, through which to implement projects aimed at social and cultural development of children; promote the conservation, development of the Russian language and literature.


Russians ladies, unite!

From dream to realization is a long way, but fortunately, it is always possible to meet like-minded people. The designs have become a reality after the arrival in the UAE Mrs. Evgenia Andreeva, the wife of the Ambassador of the Russia Federation, which maintained and developed that idea by all means. On the 8 of March, 2011was announced about establishment of a new social organization – Community of Russian Women “Rossiyanka” This alliancewelcomes into its ranks all Russian-speaking women who are close to a multinational and multi-faceted culture ofour country.


A year passed, and now it is possible to announce the first results. The main thing that has been achieved, it is the official registration of “Rossiyanka” at the Office of Community Development of the Government of Dubai and the opening of the office, located on the main highway of the city – Sheikh Zayed Road. Rossiyanka has website, where you can find announcements for upcoming and reports on past events.


Along with the official part of the community varieties of activities were held. The most visible and striking among them were: children’s drawing contest “Space without Borders”, a concert dedicated to the 66th anniversary of World War II, the International Festival of young talents “Dream”, Embassies Christmas Tree and event Maslenitsa. There were literary festivals dedicated to the work of A. Pushkin and K. Chukovsky. Since the beginning of the school year Russian language courses and a section of fitness and gymnastics were opened for free. It should be noted that the organization is not concentrated only in Dubai; it involves people from Abu Dhabi and other emirates of the UAE.


Members of the Association have regularly friendly, morning tea parties and always interesting people are invited -doctors, lawyers, nutritionists, cosmetologists, so they shared their knowledge and responded to emerging issues of every woman. In turn, beauty salons, SPA salons, clinics, alternative medicine are also often organizing events for Rossiyanka.

Talking about future plans, Mrs. Tatiana Al Aroud notes that much remains to be done – opening in UAE Arabic language courses for children from international families, children’s sports section, mugs crafts, a library and video library. She hopes that, along with friends from Rossiyanka all her ideas come to reality.


                                                                                                                                                  Alla Astanina