This holiday, with tears on eyes …Victory Day was celebrated in the United Arab Emirates

This holiday, with tears on eyes …
Victory Day was celebrated in the United Arab Emirates.

Victory Day, which is traditionally celebrated on the 9 of May, a sacred day for all our countrymen. The day when people of the winner, regardless of their nationality or country of residence, remembers those who are in arms to defend our homeland from the enemy invasion, who left there lives on the battlefield, pays tribute to all veterans, whose valiant deed will remain in centuries, along with a mournful date of the bloodiest war in human history.
Conservation of the people’s memory – our common duty, an obligation to our children and grandchildren, who replaced the generation of real heroes, in whatever part of the globe they did not grow up and not brought up.
On the 5 of May Victory day was celebrated in the United Arab Emirates. The event, which was organized by Community of Russian Women “Rossiyanka” with the assistance of the Russian Federation Embassy in the UAE, was held at the Hilton Hotel JBR and gathered Russian-speaking community, both adults and children together to remember the heroism of our people and the era of the war years.
H.E. Andrew Andreev, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United Arab Emirates congratulated those present on the date of the fair and expressed deep respect for the blessed memory of the heroes who fought back the Nazis. “Preservation of the historical memory of those events, the defense of the truth about the war at a time when frequent attempts to falsify history – one of the biggest challenges of our time”, – said H.E. Andrew Andreev.
The honor guest of the event was H.E. Gocha Buachidze, C.G. of the Russian Federation in Dubai and northern emirates, thanked all the participants and organizers of the concert, emphasizing that only the study of history and knowledge of children will help prevent a repetition of past mistakes. “These holidays should be carried out each year to preserve the historical memory of our people. Today there are fewer veterans who do not even have been on the world map, vast country, won a total victory, organizations that keep track of patriotic education. And yet, our children need to know the history of their country, do not forget the heroism of their ancestors, “- said H.E. Gocha Buachidze.
The program of the concert performances were presented by students of Russian International School in Dubai, who sang patriotic songs and dance number of dances based on the wartime group “Unique Dance Group” under the control of A. Gorbasheva. At the end a quiz took place for children, where they have demonstrated excellent knowledge of historical facts, events and heroes of the Great Patriotic War. All winners received gifts from the organizers. The meeting ended with a friendly banquet and informal communication.